Errata: Practical Django Projects 2nd Edition (PDF)

practical-django-projectsUPDATE! Even better than listing out the individual errors, Phil Gyford has posted his working code for the examples in James Bennet’sPractical Django Projects 2nd Edition“. You can find it on bitbucket here. Thanks Phil!

Since a quick Google search failed to turn up these e-book errate for James Bennets informative “Practical Django Projects 2nd Edition”, I’ll compile my own list. Hopefully my frustration in overcoming these errors will save you from the same.

Chapter 4, page 66:


should be:


(note the “P?” vs. “?P” before <slug>)

Chapter 4, page 70

Author should mention that the following must be added to the top of once you switch to generic views:

from coltrane.models import Entry

Chapter 4, page 71 and 73

Each of the four urlpatterns which include:


Should actually be:


(note the “)” after the {4})