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How to remove copy/paste and print restrictions from a PDF file

Unlock a PDF fileI recently downloaded a huge PDF and wanted to copy and paste a couple sentences of text from it to email to a friend.

Unfortunately, the author had enabled copy/paste and print restrictions which prevented me from copying the two sentences that I wanted to send.

Too lazy to retype the text, I searched for a fast and easy technical solution.

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A free and simple Windows 7 Pomodoro Timer Gadget

TL;DR Download the Windows 7 Pomodoro Timer gadget heredownload

EDIT: I had the wrong version linked for a while, fixed now.pomodoro

I have a short attention span; I struggle mightily keeping my attention fixed on the task at hand. I’m not sure if my struggles are a personal failing or a symptom of the always-on digital age but it doesn’t matter, I suppose. I struggle regardless of the cause.

I have a cross-platform to-do list application that I really like (Todoist), and I find dumping all of my tasks into my lists really helps keep me on track. However, I still need help maintaining focus on the single most important task of the moment and bearing down until it is completed.

I’ve read about the Pomodoro Technique — a time management method which breaks down work into 25 minute intervals, separated by short breaks — and I’ve tried a few Pomodoro timers on my phone, websites and as standalone utility apps.

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LPT: Apply installed changes without restarting Windows

restart windows without restart meansofmineRestarting Windows after a minor software install is a major pain. I have many windows and apps open all day long, so restarting feels like tearing down my virtual office, rebuilding it again and only then getting back to work.

I recently discovered this handy trick to prevent some of these “required” Windows restarts. After installing your application try the following:

  1. Open “Windows Task Manager”
  2. Select the “Processes” tab
  3. Select “explorer.exe”
  4. Click the “End Process” button (this will kill explorer which manages your desktop icons and task bar)
  5. From the Task Manger menu select “File > New Task (Run…)”
  6. In the “Create New Task” window type “explorer” and hit “OK”

Your icons and task bar will return and hopefully, if your installed changes were not too fundamental, you will have avoided that required Windows restart. Just worked for me when I installed Nikon’s NEF codec. It likely will not work for large changes like Windows security updates.


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