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A simple browser notepad

notepadLast year I stumbled across this post about a one line browser notepad.

The post was interesting, but the comments were fascinating, each one building functionality on the next.

Being a tinkerer myself, I added my own changes.

My requirements

  1. Ability to save & open (if neccessary, I never do)
  2. Simple formatting (allow bolding)
  3. Pleasing look

I tinkered, explored, pulled apart code and pasted it back together with my own tweaks and came up with the snip below.

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How to remove copy/paste and print restrictions from a PDF file

Unlock a PDF fileI recently downloaded a huge PDF and wanted to copy and paste a couple sentences of text from it to email to a friend.

Unfortunately, the author had enabled copy/paste and print restrictions which prevented me from copying the two sentences that I wanted to send.

Too lazy to retype the text, I searched for a fast and easy technical solution.

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A free and simple Windows 7 Pomodoro Timer Gadget

TL;DR Download the Windows 7 Pomodoro Timer gadget heredownload

EDIT: I had the wrong version linked for a while, fixed now.pomodoro

I have a short attention span; I struggle mightily keeping my attention fixed on the task at hand. I’m not sure if my struggles are a personal failing or a symptom of the always-on digital age but it doesn’t matter, I suppose. I struggle regardless of the cause.

I have a cross-platform to-do list application that I really like (Todoist), and I find dumping all of my tasks into my lists really helps keep me on track. However, I still need help maintaining focus on the single most important task of the moment and bearing down until it is completed.

I’ve read about the Pomodoro Technique — a time management method which breaks down work into 25 minute intervals, separated by short breaks — and I’ve tried a few Pomodoro timers on my phone, websites and as standalone utility apps.

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