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Reducing Page Load Times Dramatically Increased my Googlebot Crawl Rate

We’ve heard it many times before: Google loves fast loading websites. Towards the end of this past June, I completed a move of my site Wantbox from a Dreamhost shared server to a dedicated Linode virtual server.

I really like Dreamhost’s hosting service, their nice dashboard and great customer service, but Wantbox had grown beyond shared hosting. I needed an environment that I could fully control and could no longer tolerate the downtime caused by other sites on my shared server.

I chose to move to Linode because of the competitive price, the positive experience from some friends and the great Django/Apache/MySQL StackScript setup script by Filip.

Perceptually, I noticed that the pages seemed to be loading faster, and confirmed an approximate 35% page load improvement using WebPageTest.org.

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What a Google Penalty Looks Like

Google penalty logoMy site Wantbox (find someone for remodeling the bathroom) recently recovered from a sitewide Google algorithmic penalty. With Google, you never know for sure why you were penalized, but after reading a lot of posts, interacting with a few SEO experts and doing some thoughtful head scratching I made a bunch of changes to the site and waited it out.

In the end, I believe that Google felt I had too many links from my online birth announcement site into Wantbox. I removed most of the links and added “rel=nofollow” to the remaining ones. I admitted my error in a reconsideration request to Google (Google’s response to my request included below), documented specifically what I had done to fix the problem and waited it out.

Below is the graph of how the Google penalty played out. I wasn’t surprised by the 90-day duration of the penalty: I had read other reports of similar link-based actions. I didn’t expect, however, the gradual ramp-back of the the “penalty release” period. In all, it took about 4 months to get back to normal traffic.

What a Google penalty looks like
Source: Clicky Search Traffic (my favorite analytics service)

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7 SEO Tips for your Django Site

“It is legal because I wish it.” – Louis XIV, France

Forget content. When it comes to the Internet, Google is king. If you please the king, you can do well.

If you cross the king, your disloyal ass will be thrown into the tower to watch your site wither and die, unless the king deigns to sets you free.

Some of the things that most please the king are “thick” (i.e. not “thin”) content pages, well structured site navigation, and honest links to and from your site.

In building my new site, Wantbox.com, I’ve both pleased and inadvertently crossed the king. The problem with this monarch: he doesn’t speak to his subjects, so if you end up in the tower, you’re never quite sure why.

Your best strategy is to know the rules of the kingdom, and do your best to follow them. Below are some of the best practice, white-hat SEO techniques that I have used to make sure the king stays happy.

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