The Seven Piece Lego iPhone Stand

On top of all the other tasks my iPhone shoulders, one of its most reliable functions is as a daily reminder system and nightly alarm clock.

On the road or at home, I always know how to program it quickly, can count on its reliability and can access all of my stored alarms for my different daily commitments.

Up until today, I have simply set my phone down on my bedside table or propped it up against a lamp. No more: with seven standard lego bricks and 15 seconds of time (not counting the hour of digging through our lego bin to find the seven pieces) I now have a simple, functional, portable iPhone stand.

The Seven Lego Pieces:

My iPhone in the Lego Stand:

Think you have a better lego-based design? Send me a picture and I’ll add it to the post and put it to a vote…