My Atari 2600 MacBook Air Decals

atari-logoFor a while now, I’ve been looking for a good vinyl decal for my 13″ MacBook Air. Etsy has a bunch of great ones but none really capture the nostalgia or emotion that I want.

Tonight during the Patriots/Chiefs football game I created a few Atari 2600 inspired designs. I chose three of the games that I played a lot as a kid. I will probably pick one of these and cut my own decal unless someone chimes in with a good alternative.

Missile Command: The Atari game with the lamest easter egg of all time.

Atari Missile Command MacBook Decal


Adventure: I loved this game and loved its easter egg too. I call this decal the “good news, bad news” composition.

Atari Adventure MacBook Decal

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Another game I played a ton. Damn those tsetse flies!

Atari Raiders of the Lost Ark MacBook Decal

I’d also like to try designs inspired by the ET, Defender and Earthworld games. Remember them?