New Django site:

badge-mapTwo of my great passions (OK…obsessions) are web tech and politics. It was just a matter of time before I mashed them together.

Recently, I’ve been diving head first into Django, looking to complement my Java-based toolset with some Python and Django ones.

Last week I launched, a political blog aggregator which is not only my first live Django site but also the spawn of my politics and tech love. Think of it as the popurls of politics. A site which aggregates left-leaning political blogs on, right-leaning blogs on and the whole spectrum of political blogs on

My hope is that by showing conservative, progressive and centrist blogs side-by-side that polurls visitors will get a truly balanced take on the latest political news.

I’ve already found the site to be a very quick and interesting way to scan the latest political news. I’m eating my own dog food and loving the taste!

I’d love feedback either in the comments or on twitter (@mfournier or @polurls).